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FANARO (Chaz The Spaz) on
Jul 01, 2003 at 14:01:01
Original INTERVIEW done by Fanaro
Bergheim, NRW - Germany
QUESTION of Chaz the Spaz
Jul 20, 2003 at 12:19:58 Re: INTERVIEW: Philos60
What are your goals and what do you have planned for your music?

REPLY of Philos60 on 22.7.2003
After ca. 35 years business within computer industry as productmanager
I retired last year. Playing music was all the time my hobby.
Now I've the time to "publish" my songs, which I've recorded during the
last 10 years. Before that time, the recorded songs are of bad quality.
My goals are today to make music with increased quality for fun & recreation,
because I love music and I would like to support other musicians.
Up to now my songs are available on 15 Internet sites. If I discover new
ones I'll upload my songs again.
My goal is more or less ideally to convince listeners, that music has it's
own language, even then when vocals are invented - a phantasy language.
To demonstrate that improvisations are originally and authentic reflections
of a special mood at recording time.
I will see the results in future...:)
QUESTION of Chaz the Spaz
Jul 17, 2003 at 03:43:20 Re: INTERVIEW: Philos60
If the intenions of religions and philosophies
are to reach peace worldwide, I'd say that religions are a big
cause of what is bad with civilization and have caused many deaths
throughout the centuries, although, they have also provided
a positive framework to live by.
As man progresses towards the future,
will the need for religion become antiquated?

REPLY of Philos60 on 20.7.2003
Based on its nature one religion is intolerant against others.
They caused a lot of calamity because of the force to fulfil
self-defined fundamental maxims without taking into account
the nature of mankind. It's obvious that the mankind is subject
to evolve and not to be imprisoned within <B>one</B> philosophy.
The matter of fact that several world religions and many sects
and philosophies are existent at the same time worldwide
proves the multiple needs of human beeings in terms of different
ways of life and life concepts.
The existing world religions are only evolutionary steps of mankind's
evolution. Like cultures they have a life cycle. Within each life cycle they have
dedicated impact on the evolution of humans. But all indications
of today point at new behaviours, new needs and new visions of
an increasing number of humans without the institutions of religions.
The hierarchical institutions of religions are losing more and more
influence on human lifes...they are going to to die out like the dinosaurs.
But important cognitions extraced out of religions will survive.
While institutions of religions die away, new life philosophies and
life visions arise, including extracted experiences and insights out
of the eras of religions.
Humankind need beliefs, visions and life concepts, but individually
adapted to the different races and cultures, especially adapted to
each evolutionary status of each individuum.
Nowadays we have a multicultural civilization with strong requests
of tolerance and a peaceful co-existence of partly extreme different
cultures and political systems.
Don't forget these thoughts are <b>only my opinion and
there are many opinions on the world.:)</B>
QUESTION of Chaz the Spaz
Jul 15, 2003 at 13:41:59 Re: INTERVIEW: Philos60
I notice the theme of love and emotion in your compositions.
In this day and age there is popular music that promotes violence and crime,
do you think that music has changed for the worse?

REPLY of Philos60
Yes, I think so:
On Sept. 11th in 2001 I was shocked and just after I must
express my feeling with the peace "The Day After 11th Sept."
Although violence and crime is omnipresent
I know that humankind is ambivalent in terms of hate & love...
violence & ahimsa/nonviolence... war & peace... crime & honesty...etc.
So my intention is to focus on overcoming the badness,
because that's the intenion of nearly all religions and philosophies
and the acient dream of humankind to reach peace worldwide.

My four electronic classical peaces about "Thanatos & Eros"
recorded in October 2001 are dealing with:
Sigmund Freud's duality of human nature emerged from two basic instincts:
Eros and Thanatos. He saw in Eros the instinct for life,
love and sexuality in its broadest sense, and in Thanatos,
the instinct of death and aggression.
Eros is the drive toward attraction and reproduction;
Thanatos toward repulsion and death. One leads to the
reproduction of the species, the other toward its own
This has been a source of inspiration for artists over the

Here some statements of my understanding:

Hate and love are enormous powers between
human beings,
but only love can overcome hate.
Hate destroys the individual,
but love can save a community.
Humans need three things: thoughts,
senses and the passion of full love.
My music is strongly influenced by these thoughts..

QUESTION of Chaz the Spaz
Jul 15, 2003 at 12:19:08 Re: INTERVIEW: Philos60
"Since your music does not have words to tell a story,
how do you decide a title for a song, and what is a clou?"

REPLY of Philos60
For me it's easy, because I've learned to decribe my feeling by words too.
As you should know now, my music expresses my feeling directly.
When the track is recorded I've two facts for consideration:
The feeling I remember and the "output" of my song I can listen to.
I feel and hear my expressed inner situation again and can name it.
If it was hot love then it's "Hot Love".
Let's take an example: "Memories Of Love" was recorded
April 9th of 1993 when I was 50 years old. I reviewed my life
and a lot of memories came up... memories of love.:)
If you think of memories of love during listening to my song
you might feel and understand this...?

What is a clou?
For me it is the most important thing on the considered situation.
Related to a person or the loved one it could be the "lynchpin"
of the affair of the heart: "My Clou Are You".
I selected "Clou" because of "You":)
By the way, "My Clou Are You" was recorded Febr. 27, 1993
in deep love...

QUESTION of Chaz the Spaz
Jul 09, 2003 at 03:06:35 Re: INTERVIEW: Philos60
After listening to your songs I can sense certain emotions portrayed in the music.
Do you intentionally put a mood in the music, or it just happens that way?

REPLY of Philos60 on July 9th, 2003
I've never the intention to express a mood I don't realy have at the moment
of recording. The mood of my music is always the mood I have hat the time,
when I have the inner need to make music by improvisation.
QUESTION of Chaz the Spaz
Jul 01, 2003 at 14:02:47 Re: INTERVIEW: Philos60
You seem to be one of the more level headed and helpful members of this community,
how do you view the craziness that goes on around here?

REPLY of Philos60 on July 2nd, 2003:
Characters, level of education, opinions and behaviour are quite different here on this BB.
In particular the intolerance and egoism lead to irreconcilable quarreling.
Due to the fact of assured anonymity here, verbal slander can be written uncontrolled
without fear to be punished.
Don't forget that the InterNet is a virtual world and a parlour game.
You are not forced to participate.
Conflicts can be avoided, if there is no reply to any verbal aggression.
Leave brawlers reply. They will lose their fun...

P.S. It's very late in Germany now... 1:30 a.m. Wait for the next question:)

"Does vocal improvisation mean a made up language?
It sounds like you are singing in Italian, but I don't recognize any words."

Reply Philos60
Exactly: vocal improvisation does mean
a spontaneously made up language.
The music itself (guitar or keyboard play)
is improvised too, in order to express authentically
the musical mood and feeling I have at that time.
Therefore each song is recorded live
- voice & play simultaneously - at once.
The "NON-language" sounds sometimes like Russian or Romanic,
like Italian or Spanish. I don't know why...
Maybe it depends on my musical mood at that time.
By the way, I cannot improvise at any time I would like to do.
I have to wait for a moment when the "muse has kissed me".

Next question please.
It's 4 p.m. in Germany:)
"Hi Philos, your missing bio was going to be my next question.
Can you tell us where you have played?
In concert? Or studio?"

REPLY of Philos60
Due to the fact that my music is totally improvised I cannot play by command on a stage.
Depending on my mood and feeling I can play on private parties, what I've done many times.
My best musical ideas & expressions I've inwardly when it's quiet and nobody disturbs me.
But there was a one-man show on a Congress of Healers in Germany
close to Stuttgart when I was young... see the pic.

"As a listener I find your music...especially the fantasy language...very strange
(in a good way).
However I cannot help but wonder.....can you remember these fantasy lyrics
or once you make them up for a song then it's over?
I mean could you play them and sing them word for word again?
Other than the sounds there's nothing for the listener to connect to.
Do you think that if you actually  wrote some lyrics that were understandable
you would connect with a larger audience?

REPLY of Philos60
Hi Les,
I can't repeat any song, because each song
is totally improvised and reflects a unique mood
or feeling at the time of improvising and recording.
By the way, I never tried to repeat a song tone by tone
and word by word. If I try this, I'm used to improvise
again and a lot of new variations came in.

Refering to the audience:
There are so many musicians worldwide with songs & lyrics
repeatable that I don't see any differentiation to
reach higher attention than YOU and all the other successful
My differentiator is TVI = Total Vocalistic Improvisation.
The more I promoting this the more listeners get used to
this improvised playing and singing in a phantasy language.

I have a philosophy:
Music should be the dominating song factor.
The used language has to meet the musical mood.
If you have a new melody in mind, you will find
with some training that the NON-words/syllables
are acoustically fitting to the sound/melody/rhythm.
OK, that's only an opinion and not allying.
P.S. Here my promotion:

 Philos60 on
QUESTION of Chaz the Spaz
Jul 29, 2003 at 12:25:52 Re: INTERVIEW: Philos60
"What is the meaning of life?", has been an age old philosophy question,
what have modern thinkers postulated?

REPLY of Philos60:
My thoughts about life are influenced by Heidecker, Kierkegaard, Sartre,
Nietzsche, Schopenhauer and Hegel:
Life is a cyclic evolutionary and dialectic process between emergence
and disappearance of existence,
especially an area of conflict between birth and death of human existence.
The meaning of life depends on the self-given concept of an individual life,
again depending on the spiritual / mental level of evolution of the individual.
The different ideologies and religions close to the individual life have influence
on the self-determination of the individual during the process of life.

By the way, there is no final or absolute definition of the"meaning of life",
because the evolution of human race is still ongoing, and new visions and life
concepts arise.

POST of prevoyance
Jul 20, 2003 at 10:23:06
Your music is very expressive and emotive. Which Philos60 song relates
the most to any personal situation you were in?

REPLY of Philos60 on 20.7.2003
When I lost love and reviewed my life:
"Story of my Heart"  is genuine and pure life recorded,
but expresses the feelings of passion, joy and mourning make the heart concerned.
Thus I tell musically the stamped experiences of my heart with my
'vocalistic' guitar song "Story of my Heart"
within the ALBUM on "In The Name Of Love".

Album Song: "Story of my Heart"